Monday, June 18, 2012


I know you have all been waiting for this post...
I have the best boyfriend EVER!!!

Yup you read that right, I've got myself a Boyfriend!!! and look how handsome he is!!

Wow the last few weeks have gone by so fast, but they have been so fun. I love getting to know Jared, and he is just so great! But I guess I should give you the update on how this all came about.

Jared and I have been in the same ward since I moved into my apartment in November... but we never met, I didn't know him until about 5 weeks ago. I was on our ward Facebook page and  I saw his picture with his name, I didn't think anything of it other than his last name was Flandro... I knew his sister Morgan and I facebooked her, she told me to punch him next time I saw him. Well I finally met him at FHE out at Bishops, I said hi, and we talked for a minute, I just told him I knew his sister and that was it, nothing else.
(FYI: my apartment this summer made a Facebook page to invite people over to our place to hangout, watch movies, play outside, etc.) 
Later in the week after I met Jared at FHE he asked to join our Facebook page, I confirmed that he could, then he added me on Facebook. I really didn't think too much about this, he was in the ward and you always need more friends. Well a week went by before anything came about. 
Jared invited himself over on May 23 to watch a movie. Me and Tami didn't mind at all, we love having people over to watch movies. Although that night I was super tired and ended up sleeping in the Love Sac through most of Hairspray. Jared scared me awake after the movie was over, and i was only awake for a few minutes before I fell asleep again, lol. I woke up about 20 minutes later and Tami, Jared, and Lucien were still there talking. They were talking about dating, and Jared was telling Tami how she needed to just be blunt, straight forward with guys, to not beat around the bush. He then used me to show an example, and instead of putting your hand by his leg... you just grab the knee. Yeah I was startled... remember I was still waking up and suddenly Jared was grabbing my knee. And then he showed how you get to hold someones hand, again he used me. I was thinking in my head how crazy this guy was, grabbing my knee, and holding my hand, both times longer than was necessary, but I was half asleep still so I just chalked it up to me being out of it. Then they left and I didn't see or talk to Jared again until Friday.
Friday night we decided to watch a scary movie... since they make the best cuddling movies. Sadly the movie we choose was Super 8 and it wasn't very scary at all. It did the job though, Jared put the moves on me and we cuddled during the movie. After the movie we talked for a bit, and I'm pretty sure that night he got my number (yeah i don't remember for sure if he got it Friday night or Saturday).
Jared came over again Saturday night and we watched Narnia, Tami was going to watch with us, but she went next door and didn't come back until I went and got her, but its okay since we got to cuddle through the movie.
Sunday we saw each other at church, Jared made me lunch which was great, he made spaghetti with sausage meatballs and red sauce made from scratch, and he looked so cute in his church clothes with his pistol in the back of his slacks... very attractive!
Monday was Memorial Day, I spent most of the day with my family doing some shopping for Gary's wedding. Monday evening though my family did a fire and Jared came with me and met everyone... including  Andy, Leza and Brody, but excluding Gary and Chelsey, and everyone loved him. Mom even invited him to Gary's reception that weekend. After the fire we came back to the apartment and watched a movie, and Jared decided that since he met the family and was planning on going to the reception he should take me on a date.
Tuesday, Jared took me to Tandoori Oven for dinner, then I met his parents at his brother Rhett's hockey game. After the game we got ice cream at Cold Stone and then watched a movie at his place... we like watching movies.
Wednesday was another movie night.
Thursday I spent the day with my family since Morgan Graduated!!! Then we set up for Gary's luncheon. When Jared got off work I was still at my parents so he came up there to make cookies with us.
Friday was Gary's wedding, and it was a beautiful day. The temple and luncheon were both great. I got home around 4:30 and went over to Jared's apartment to sign a contract for fall... yup I got housing for next year. Jared came over to my place just before 5 and we went out to the reception. Jared met people from my home ward/neighborhood, he met my extended family, and he met Lindsay and Travis. I think my family didn't know what to think about him, the neighborhood was fine, and Lindsay and Travis loved him. It was a great night. After the reception Jared took me out to dinner at Gia's, so good, then we went back to my place where I put on my sweats and went over to Jared's to watch another movie.
Saturday after work Jared, Tami, and I got sno cones, went to the Zoo, got pizza and ate it out on the lawn.
Sunday Jared decided to stake his claim on me in Elders Quorum but telling everyone, during a game of Jeopardy, that he had kissed me the previous week.
There is our first week of dating... Sorry this was such a long post. I'll keep posting the other fun stuff we have done later.


Julie said...

I am absolutely LOVING this!!!! Keep the posts coming :D

Elise Frederickson said...

What about November?

Drewann Jenkins said...

hmmm not november... there are already too many weddings in my family in november.