Wednesday, May 18, 2011

haha! i'm no good at this!

Oh dear... I get on a kick and post and then it seems I fall of the face of this earth. Don't know if I'll ever be a pro at this...
Anyway, so much fun has happend! Back in March we went to Moab for Spring Break. That is a whole post itself that I may, or may not get up in the future.
We;ve been working on wedding stuff for Lindsay and Travis and that hasn't been too bad, until planning the Bridal Shower. Which was good, until Lindsay's Great-Grandma passed and we decided to postpone the party. This weekend we will do Lindsay's bridals! Yay! I will be doing her hair, and driving her around so she doesn't have to in her dress. My bridesmaid dress came, I love it... except I might have issues as the company designed it with only one pocket... my OCD may kick in... but I'll deal.
I also went on a really good date. I haven't had one of those in a really long time... at least one where there is some possible potential. I met him online, and we chatted, then texted, then met at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We ate and talked for about an hour and a half. So far he seemed to be a really great guy. The following week we continued to text, making jokes, and I know on my end I was laughing a lot. We were going to hang out again at my FHE, as they were doing a dutch oven dinner with 4 wards combined. But his sister-in-law came into town and he ended up babysitting his niece. That was ok as I was at the hospital with my own sister-in-law awaiting the arrival of my nephew Brody O'Dell! But since we ended up not getting together there are plans for another date this weekend. I'm super excited, he is a really good guy.
Back to that other information... I'm an Aunt! Yup, Andy and Leza had little Brody on Mon, May 16, at 9:00ish. He is so dang cute and has taken up all my spare time lol. He looks like Andy, but has Leza's nose, and I'm sure we'll notice many more similarities of both of them as he continues to grow. They are home today, at Leza's parents, and are doing great. They will continue to live here in the valley until about July when they will bless him and then we will say goodbye as they move to Vernal. Good thing its not too far away and we can make many weekend trips to see them.
That is an update on this crazy thing I call my life.

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