Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Oh my gosh! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. 
Its a day where you can dress up all crazy, and act like someone different. 
Put on a crazy outfit, either get all dressed up, more than you ever would, or dress down and be crazy scary.

Crystal and I got all dressed up for Clint's party only to show up to a dud. Clint decided to go hunting instead of being there and his roommates weren't as excited to host this party. When we showed up an hour after it "started" and there were 5 people there none of which were even dressed up in the least little bit. We stayed for 5 minutes then left and went to Aggy's for Josh's birthday. 

Saturday I worked and then went to Stake Conference. It was such a good meeting with so many good messages. I love when you hear a message that you know is from your Heavenly Father but then comes the hard part of putting it to action and changing a little bit to make your life a little better and a little closer to Him.

After Conference we decided to go to Honeyville and chill at Crystal Hot Springs. We got there and they were closing in 20 minutes, but Stephen asked them if we could still go in and they let us in for half prince ($3) which was super nice of them. Then we got back to Logan and went to Charlie's for ice cream.

Tomorrow is Halloween and we are going to dress up and go dancing! Its going to be a blast. Come back soon, hopefully I will post pictures.

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